xWEOWNS will be launched as the first decentralized Treasury

DELAWARE CITY, Delaware, April 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Imagine a world where crypto traders can use any currency at any time on every blockchain without worrying about fluctuations in value or fees. With a one-time direct debit fee of 10-40% for sellers to prevent them from dumping tokens, the fee system will be used for cash reserves as a way to control traders, preventing them from dumping their assets in the intended to cause instability. in the market and trade with peace of mind knowing that the funds are safe on the xWEOWNS decentralized cash reserve platform.

Offering one of the most innovative solutions for liquidity management, xWEOWNS offers seamless exchanges between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies (USD, EURO, WEOWNS, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) thanks to its cross-chain protocol which enables simultaneous trades on two blockchains using smart contracts without requiring a middleman or centralized order book manager. With this solution, all transactions are executed automatically through atomic swaps while ensuring trustless transaction execution and transparency thanks to the distributed ledger technology behind it.

The $282 fixed-price stablecoin xWEOWNS will go live on May 6, 2022 on Latoken Exchange. The new xWEOWNS DeFI platform has a unique “automatic deduction” fee that deducts 10% to 40% when traders sell their assets. Using the xWEOWNS stablecoin, traders can invest in cross-chain trading at fixed prices that increase by 30% per quarter. This gives traders who hold their assets longer an edge over those looking for quick profits while reducing volatility in the market and thus making trading much safer overall.

The Cash Reserve System has a holding pool which is more dynamic than Tether or any other stablecoin in the crypto market so users can trade and invest on the xWEOWNS DeFi platform at any time without fear of being dropped by sellers looking to control the price value of the tokens they hold as an investment strategy against swings in volatility in the cryptocurrency markets. This new technology will provide a dynamic and secure cash reserve system that crypto traders can rely on.

Stability in the crypto market.

More pumps and dumps with xWEOWNS. With the introduction of xWEOWNS, crypto traders will be able to trade using a more stable token without having to worry about price volatility as it was designed with an underlying cash reserve system that prevents tokens from be dumped by sellers looking to make a quick buck. By leveraging xWEOWNS’ advanced technology that supports simultaneous trading of all major cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges, traders can take advantage of arbitrage opportunities and hedge against cryptocurrency volatility risks such as bitcoin price fluctuations.

With xWEOWNS, there is no need for third-party services like Tether or any other stablecoin as this platform offers secure and flexible cross-chain cash reserves at fixed rates that can be withdrawn anytime users want withdraw from their investments on Lachain blockchain or Latoken Exchange while also maintaining stability of value so that they are not affected by market fluctuations when attempting to withdraw their holdings in fiat currencies such as USD or the EURO, which would otherwise occur if these assets were traded on external exchanges outside of xWEOWNS where prices can fluctuate wildly due to market forces beyond its control.

A new era of decentralized treasury reserve trading.

Introduction of cross-chain exchanges in the ecosystem of xWEOWNS. This means that crypto traders can access an even wider range of cryptocurrencies without having to worry about an exchange’s price fluctuation as they are all priced against xWEOWNS with a token price. fixed, a dynamic holding pool, automatic DeFi rate adjustments and more. This gives crypto traders stability, predictability, and transparency when it comes to trading their digital assets within this new ecosystem.

One thing that many traders struggle with is trying to not only reduce their exposure, but also reduce their risk by reducing that risk through diversification – which has been difficult given the volatility in the crypto markets. currency in recent years. We offer both hedging for traders who want their portfolio to be less volatile and automated trading for those who want their assets turned into cash quickly,said Ssemakula Peter Luyima, CEO/Chairman/Co-Chairman of Weownomy Global and Principal Founder of xWEOWNS.

xWEOWNS Treasury Reserve Holding Pool

The Cash Reserve Holding Pool can be used by holders as an asset management tool, while preventing token dumpers from ruining the market with xWEOWNS’ automatic withdrawal fee system. 30% of all fees generated will be deposited into the cash reserve pool which includes all trading fees earned by xWEOWNS (calculated at 10% – 40%).

Pay it forward

A portion of all proceeds from each transaction will be distributed among all xWEOWNS holders. The distribution percentage is 30% (x30) of the total funds received and will be generated through the cash reserve holding pool on the blockchain network which pays dividends in xWEOWNS. An integrated distribution system will automatically distribute funds among all xWEOWNS holders, with a particular focus on those who have held their tokens longer (1-3 years).

Earn a share of the xWEOWNS load fees on each transaction and keep your tokens in the cash reserve pool for 30% from 1 to 3 years,” said Ssemakula Peter Luyima.

xWEOWNS holders control the market.

With the automatic deduction of seller fees and the ability to earn 30% of the proceeds through the cash reserve pool, holders control the value of the xWEOWNS token by voting on market price adjustments.

Sellers can choose between a percentage fee of 10%, 20% or 40% which will be automatically deducted when they sell their tokens; this is good for buyers and sellers as it prevents sellers from throwing tokens to generate quick profits and buy back at lower prices later.

The other benefit is that you can earn up to 30% if you hold your tokens in our reserve pool by buying them back with the proceeds generated by the sales fees collected from those who sell their tokens; this creates a cycle where more people will want to buy because they know there is always someone out there willing to buy what they are selling which means higher demand which ultimately drives prices up so that everyone benefits.

WeownomyChat: the first fully decentralized and secure application for personal communication

Weownomy has signed a new strategic partnership with a confidential Romanian technology company to launch WeownomyChat in a superuser-owned app (powered by VOBP) that secures and encrypts all your communications. The Romanian technology partner will help drive international growth and provide an unparalleled security service for all global WeownomyChat users.

WeownomyChat is a revolutionary new application that allows anyone, anywhere in the world to generate income from their content. It is also secure and encrypted. The mission of the project is for individuals to reclaim their digital identity through self-sovereign identification technologies. In this way, they can protect themselves from intrusion or abuse by third parties.

Developed by leading Romanian tech company, WeownomyChat, the communications app will provide consumers with an all-in-one encrypted solution for 100% user-controlled messaging, calls and video chats. With every chat connection established on the WeownomyChat app, users can generate revenue from their conversations while keeping control over their data.

The new partnership will see WeownomyChat launched as a Super User-owned app (powered by VOBP) on May 27, which ensures the privacy and security of user conversations in accordance with GDPR regulations coming into effect from May 25.

Using our new partner’s proprietary technologies, we’re building an app that encrypts all messages so you can own your chat data, content and privacy – giving you complete control over who sees what. Participate in the next generation of social media that gives you more control over your data – we don’t track or sell it! The most innovative monetization model – earn money from both advertisers and users/customers while owning your own content!” said Ssemakula Peter Luyima.


Weownomy launches $282 fixed stablecoin xWEOWNS on the Latoken exchange which provides cash reserve protection against digital asset price declines while capitalizing on the high volatility that exists in cryptocurrency markets today . Weownomy’s development team has designed an automated process for trading cryptocurrencies through an intermediary asset called xWEOWNS that will allow traders to protect their investments from market volatility.

About Weownomy Platform Corporation

Weownomy Platform Corporation, Incorporated in the State of Delaware https://www.weownomy.global launches a subscription-based, open and participatory platform. A new redefined social network that facilitates the participation of people in the democratic process of defining their own rules for their future, generating a structure of ownership where each person has the right to share in the benefits generated by this new economy and therefore real economic equality .


Ssemakula Peter Luyima
[email protected]
President and CEO
Weownomy Platform Company

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