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Colombia elected its first left-wing president. Former Bogotá mayor and guerrilla fighter Gustavo Petro claimed victory after running on a platform to fight inequality.

Bitcoin fell below $20,000. The cryptocurrency crashed over the weekend, hitting its lowest level since December 2020, and continues to hover at the token threshold.

American air travelers faced major disruptions over the weekend. Thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed as airlines battle staff absences.

The head of UN diplomacy condemned fossil fuel companies and their backers. Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ stance has come up against US President Joe Biden’s call for energy producers to drill more oil.

Apple employees have voted to form the company’s first US union. Retail workers at an Apple store in Maryland voted by a nearly 2-to-1 margin to unionize amid a nationwide increase in unionization.

The United States celebrated its second Juneteenth as a federal holiday. Celebrations in the nation’s capital were marred by a shooting at a street party.

The swimming world’s governing body has restricted the participation of transgender athletes in elite competitions. FINA has established hormonal criteria for inclusion in men’s or women’s events.

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To monitor

Europe is adjusting to further cuts in its natural gas supply after Russia halted or reduced the flow of gas to a dozen countries including Germany, France, Poland and Italy last week last. The fuel cuts coincide with a heatwave that is spreading across Europe from the Mediterranean to the North Sea.

In response, Germany yesterday announced it would restart its coal-fired power plants, a setback for climate policy after the country invested $45 billion to phase out coal by 2030. Italy could be forced to ration gas and burn more coal to meet electricity demand this week, and Spanish power plants are storing gas to prepare for future shortages. In the coming days, more European governments are expected to announce their plans to deal with fuel shortages.

Will Amazon run out of people to hire?

Amazon, the world’s second-largest private employer, may be running out of staff to hire. An internal research note obtained by Recode said the e-commerce giant fears its available workforce in US warehouses will run out very soon.

Amazon played down the implications of the research note, saying it does not represent what is actually happening. But even though the company isn’t on the cusp of a labor shortage, it’s grappling with attrition as employees raise concerns about unsafe work environments and lead efforts of unionization. It’s clear that even Amazon knows it’s getting harder and harder to find people who find the job satisfying.

2024: The year the memo predicts labor supply at Amazon’s U.S. warehouses will dry up

75%: Growth rate of Amazon’s global workforce during the pandemic

70%: Share of Amazon retail sales made in the United States

$18: Amount Amazon raised its minimum wage to, on average

African CEOs love Côte d’Ivoire

Deloitte Africa CEO Results

Côte d’Ivoire is reclaiming its reputation as a top investment destination in Francophone Africa – and the continent as a whole, according to the 2022 CEO Barometer survey released at the Africa CEO Forum in Abidjan , the largest annual gathering of the African private sector.

Political stability, business-friendly reforms and a strong economy are key factors in the West African country’s renewed prominence.

Quartz Africa Editor-in-Chief, Ciku Kimeria, explained why companies want to do business in Ivory Coast in Quartz Africa’s latest weekly briefing. Follow the continent’s news by registering today and reading our latest edition.

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Surprising discoveries

Half of Japanese companies may still use Internet Explorer… A report found that a fifth of companies didn’t even plan to switch browsers once Microsoft ended support.

…while in South Korea, Internet Explorer had a final resting place. A software engineer paid 430,000 won ($330) for a tombstone commemorating the browser atop a cafe.

Nepal moves its Everest base camp to a lower altitude. Climate change and overexploitation are melting the Khumbu Glacier where 1,500 people gather each season.

There is already trash on Mars. NASA believes a glowing object photographed between two red rocks is a piece of an aluminum thermal blanket from a 2021 mission.

People save their pee for the farmers. A fertilizer shortage has inspired some Americans to fill jugs with urine to help their local growers boost crop yields.

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