The Conveyancing Foundation Donates Critical Funds to SANDS and the Epilepsy Society

The Conveyancing Foundation donated funds from its innovation Charity lottery to help two national charities, the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society (SANDS) and the Epilepsy Society.

The two charities received £ 1,000 each after being nominated by staff at Transmit the law, whose clients have raised funds by participating in the Foundation’s charity lottery.

Lauren Forbes, Conveyor at Convey Law, named SANDS as a worthy charitable donation recipient in recognition of the support his brother and wife received after their baby Finn was tragically stillborn at 32 weeks in 2013.

She said:

“SANDS really helped my brother Kyle and sister-in-law Hannah when their baby boy Finn was stillborn. Even when they had their daughter April, who is now 7, my brother struggled to walk past the delivery room where Finn was born when he visited April and Hannah.

“SANDS has provided them with essential help and support after a terrible tragedy that no one expects to experience when they have a baby. As their experience has shown, it is not an event that you can just overcome, but something that is always with you and that you learn to live with thanks to the invaluable help of organizations like SANDS.

Funds donated to SANDS support anyone affected by the death of a baby. The charity works in partnership with healthcare professionals to ensure that bereaved parents and families receive the best possible care and encourages improved practices and funds research to help reduce the number of babies who die.

The Conveyancing Foundation, which raises money for charity through its Charity Lotto where clients of any law firm or real estate company can make a voluntary donation of £ 10 at the end of their transaction, giving them a chance to win £ 500 upon completion of their transaction. from a monthly draw, also donated £ 1000 to the Epilepsy Society.

The Epilepsy Society is the UK’s leading provider of epilepsy services. Through their research, awareness campaigns, information resources and expert care, they work for everyone affected by epilepsy in the UK.

The company was nominated for help by Stefan Lewis-Davies, who has epilepsy, who works in the finance department at Convey Law.

Stephane, who was not diagnosed until 2013, said the company was helping to provide life-saving support to those with the disease and to raise awareness of the potentially fatal disease.

He said:

“I have had several seizures over the past 8 years, the most recent near the end of 2020. Each seizure can be different and life threatening.”

Stefan, who has a 5-year-old daughter and an imminent baby, said his daughter was very scared when she saw him having a seizure and that it was crucial to raise awareness “To any person who has suffered convulsive seizures that may be linked to epilepsy and to immediately consult a consultant” as well as for people to recognize possible seizures in others.

He added:

“There are people who have this disease who are worse than me and who have seizures every day, which is awful.

“Seeing photos and videos on social media of people unable to lead normal lives because of this disease is heartbreaking and I think it’s important for people to understand the effect it can have on a person and their health. family for the rest of his life.

“Unfortunately, there is no cure for epilepsy and people with epilepsy, including me, take drugs for life. The funds donated by the Foundation from its charity lottery will go to an exceptional cause.”

Georgia Davies of the Conveyancing Foundation said donations to SANDS and the Epilepsy Society came from funds raised by clients of Convey Law, adding:

“The funds were made possible through our Charity Lotto. Thank you to all of the Convey Law clients who participated. Even if they haven’t personally won the monthly raffle, I want them to know what the money they’ve helped raise is used for. “

The Foundation also helps other businesses create their own charity lotto to raise funds for the charities they wish to support. He has helped businesses raise over £ 800,000 for selected charities over the past decade.

Georgia Davies explained:

“We are very keen to help others raise funds for their own charities through our Charity Lotto. It’s a simple idea that most clients are happy to support when they buy or sell their home, but its end results are incredibly powerful as it enables the Foundation to make much-needed charitable donations.

“We’re committed to helping any other interested business start their own charity lotto and start raising funds for causes they care about. “

The Conveyancing Foundation can be contacted for more information on setting up a charity lotto at [email protected] or 01633 261794.

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