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A concept plan to develop public open spaces and community assets on Pararekau Island in Pahurehure Cove has been approved.

Papakura Local Council has approved the concept plan, with development to be undertaken by Karaka Harborside Estate Ltd, with the completed assets taken over by Auckland Council.

Council chairman Brent Catchpole says the plan details work to be undertaken on an esplanade reserve and coastal walkway.

“It is a magical setting and Karaka Harborside Estate Ltd have worked with Council officers on a plan which details the development of the esplanade reserve, drainage reserves, a coastal walkway, lighting and furnishings.

“An agreement will be entered into between the Council and Karaka Harborside Estate Ltd to record the assets delivered and handed over, and to clarify responsibilities and timelines and discuss maintenance obligations.

“It’s very important, but we’re just thrilled that a magnificent public good is being created.”

Karaka Harborside Estate Ltd started the development of Pararekau Island in 2015 when the site was rezoned as single accommodation.

Consent to the subdivision creating the 103 residential lots and various reserves was granted in 2019, with the open space being created as part of the subdivision.

It will provide access around the island, varying in width from approximately 20 to 50 meters, and provide recreational outcomes for residents and the community.

“A breakwater was originally proposed along the northwest edge of the island,” says Catchpole. “But this would have had an impact on the coastal marine area and meant a significant maintenance cost for the Council. The acquisition of a larger esplanade reserve, taking into account the erosion of the next 100 years, is a fabulous compromise.

The land in question is now private property but will be transferred to the Council.

The reserve will host a boardwalk, seating, coastal walkway lights and two causeway walkways providing access, approved by the Board of Directors at a business meeting in 2022.

The concept plan is here.

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