Ordnance Survey and Conveyancing Information Executive to Host Industry Roundtable


The Conveyancing Information Executive (CIE) today announced that Ordnance Survey (OS) will host the CIE’s first industry roundtable focusing on Real Estate Passports: The Role of Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) in improving the real estate transaction process.

The CIE Roundtable will be hosted at Ordnance Survey Headquarters in Southampton on November 24, 2021, with representation including industry and market stakeholders and CIE members. The objective of the event is to build on the CIE white paper published in September and to set up focus groups to address the main operational challenges related to the integration of UPRNs in order to improve the process. real estate transaction.

Today’s Conveyancer represents transport agents at the roundtable and is currently asking readers about their understanding of UPRNs and their potential.

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Chris Loaring, spokesperson for the Conveyancing Information Executive noted,

“The potential of UPRNs to unify the UK property transaction process and align the leadership of multiple stakeholders is unquestionable. However, the operational reality to achieve this transition is complex and difficult.

By working with OS, we are well positioned to begin to break down this transition and chart a course for the widespread adoption of UPRNs by industry throughout the real estate transaction process.

James MacTavish, Ordnance Survey Partner Team noted,

“The UK research industry has evolved and expanded its services dramatically over the past few years and key to that is location. It is an equally exciting and volatile time for the industry. The potential for improvement is the underlying driver of so much business interest in modernizing the real estate transaction process.

“UPRNs are an area of ​​deep knowledge within the operating system and across all of our partnerships, and we understand the importance of timeliness and accuracy when it comes to data. geospatial. We are therefore delighted to support the CIE in its goal of integrating the use of UPRNs more widely into the real estate transaction process and improving the transaction experience of today.

The overall objective of the CIE is to improve data quality and content standards in property searches used in the UK property transfer process. Its members include Ambiental, Argyll Environmental, Barbour ABI, Geodesys, Groundsure, Glenigan, JBA Risk Management, Landmark Information, Mining Searches UK, Ordnance Survey, PinPoint Information, Safe Move and Searchflow.

The CIE welcomes applications for membership from all organizations that support the UK transport industry. For more information on membership, visit www.conveyinfoexec.com


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