Local banking heavyweights fail to offset MSE index drop

The MSE Equity Total Return Index extended its recent declines, standing at 7,702.730 points, down 1.7%. A total of 22 emissions were active, nine of which headed north while ten others closed in the opposite direction. During this trading week, the total turnover amounted to €1.8, generated through 289 transactions.

In the banking sector, shares of Bank of Valletta plc added 1.6% to the previous week’s gain, reaching the price level of €0.935. This is the result of 17 transactions involving 59,500 shares. Despite the price increase, shares fell as low as €0.90 during the week.

Its counterpart, HSBC Bank Malta plc, gained 2% with turnover reaching €110,280 over 10 transactions. Shares closed the week at €0.765.

In its first week of trading, APS Bank plc was the most liquid stock, as 1.4 million shares exchanged ownership in 171 trades, generating €0.96 million in revenue. The stock added 6.5% to its stock price, closing the week at €0.66. APS hit a weekly high of €0.70.

Lombard Bank Malta plc (LOM) was active twice on 2,575 shares worth €4,638, driving the share price 10.5% lower. Bank equity finally ended the week at €1.70.

The LOM board held its AGM on May 26, 2022 at which the bank’s bonus issuance resolution was approved.

The bank capitalized €149,226.50 in its retained earnings account with a view to issuing 596,906 fully paid-up ordinary shares with a nominal value of €0.25 per share, ie one free share for 75 shares. The bank thus increased its issued share capital from 44,766,961 shares to 45,363,867 of €0.25 each fully paid up, i.e. a paid-up capital of €11,340,966.75.

No movement was noted in the share price of Malta International Airport plc, which traded at €5.95 across seventeen transactions worth €113,669.

Hotelier, International Hotel Investments plc (IHI) was the worst performing stock this week. Equity fell 21.3% to €0.59, a level last seen at the end of April 2022. This drop is the result of two transactions on a volume of 10,000 shares executed during the trading session of tuesday.

GO plc’s share price rose 2% to end the week at the €3.10 level. Trading activity included the trading of 7,387 shares over 10 trades. Year-to-date, the company’s equity is trading down 7.7%.

BMIT Technologies plc equity increased by €0.01 or 2.1% to €0.48. Shares in the company were only active on Thursday, as a trade worth €4,800 was recorded.

Similarly, FIMBank plc recorded a 4.6% decline in its share price, ending the week at $0.21. Three transactions involving a total of 16,000 shares were executed.

In the IT services sector, common and preferred shares of RS2 Software plc were down 3.8% and 2.6% respectively. The company’s common stock was active in six trades for 31,620 shares, ending the week at €1.52. Meanwhile, RS2 preferred shares ended the week at €1.50, as 7,500 shares traded hands across three trades.

Harvest Technology plc traded in negative territory as it lost 18% of its share price, closing at €1.22. This is the result of six transactions worth €10,238.

Simonds Farsons Cisk plc hit a weekly low of €7 on Wednesday, ultimately ending the week unchanged at €7.20. Thirteen transactions involving a total of 17,116 shares with a value of €120,267 were executed.

M&Z plc saw a positive 2% change in its share price as six trades for 65,000 shares pushed equity up to the €0.77 price level.

On the other hand, PG plc lost 2.7%, closing the week at €2.16. This is the result of four trades involving 35,900 shares.

Oil and gas logistics specialist MedservRegis plc was the week’s best performing stock, closing up 41% at €0.99. A total of 140,000 shares worth €101,167 were traded in seven transactions.

In the real estate sector, Malta Properties Company plc rose 1.2% to €0.50. This is the result of 15,157 actions executed over four trades.

Similarly, AX Real Estate plc (AXR) added 1.8% to the previous week’s share price, eventually closing at €0.56. A total of 54,838 shares were traded in three transactions.

The rental income of the AX Group and related parties represents €3.3 million, or 90% of the rental income generated by the group.

Malita Investments plc (MLT) and Santumas Shareholdings plc (STS) ended the week in negative territory. This is the result of a single transaction, each involving 3,000 MLT shares and 9,662 STS shares. MLT ended the week down 5.1% at €0.75 while STS closed at €1.00, down 13%.

A single trade of 2,195 MaltaPost plc shares did not change the share price of the previous week. Equity ended the week at €1.00.

Tigne Mall plc’s share price fell 7% to €0.65, following a single trade of insignificant volume.

The board of directors of Grand Harbor Marina plc has approved the entering into of two loan obligations with Camper & Nicholsons Marinas Limited for a total amount of €2,682,000 (€450,000 under the first loan note and a total of €2,232,000 for the second loan).

Yesterday June 24, 2022, LifeStar Insurance plc and LifeStar Holdings plc held their general meetings.

Mapfre Middlesea plc is due to meet on July 28, 2022 to review and approve the interim financial statements for the six months ended June 30, 2022.

Mediterranean Investments Holding plc announced that at the close of the issuance period of the €30 million 5.25% 2027 debentures, these were heavily oversubscribed, with applications received exceeding €50 million. euros in total value. Consequently, the Intermediaries’ Offer did not take place.

The MSE MGS Total Return Index remained in negative territory, closing down 0.05% at 934.704 points. A total of 13 shows were active, eight of which posted gains, while five others closed in the red.

The MSE Corporate Bonds Total Return Index gained 0.03%, ending the week in the green at 1,141.249 points. Of 45 active issues, eight posted gains, while another 22 traded lower. The best performance of 2.7% was recorded by the 5% Hal Mann Vella Group plc Secured € 2024, as it closed at €103. Conversely, the 4% Stivala Group Finance plc Secured € 2027 closed at €98.01 – a negative change of 3.9%.

On the Prospects MTF market, nine issues were active. The 5% Busy Bee Finance plc Unsecured €2029 was the most liquid, generating total weekly turnover of €27,400.

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