Life On Earth, Inc. is considering acquiring the CareClix Holdings, Inc. group of companies.

New York, November 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Life on Earth Inc, (OTC PINK: LFER) (“LFER” or “The Company”), a technology and software company currently engaged in the Internet business objects (IoT) and cloud-based solutions, has entered into a binding letter of intent to acquire the CareClix group of companies from Solei Systems, Inc. (OTC: SOLI) to expand the company’s business in the telemedicine and medical software services industry. The CareClix group of companies will be acquired as wholly owned subsidiaries. The CareClix subsidiaries being acquired by LFER consist of the CareClix B-to-C division, its B-to-B division, the software development division and the RPM (remote patient monitoring) division. . More detailed information will follow concerning the different operational entities and their functions. The Company expects the acquisition to be finalized once the final due diligence process has been completed, with the signing of a share purchase agreement no later than December 17, 2021 and the closing of the transaction by later than December 31, 2021.

Mahmood Khan, CEO of LFER, added: “The telemedicine industry has emerged as one of the most effective ways to meet the needs of physicians and patients and delivery services while keeping a safe distance from l ‘exposure. Telemedicine is here to stay and grow rapidly and is being adopted by insurance companies, businesses, individuals, physicians, and medical personnel. In addition, he added, “When this opportunity was presented to us, we realized, after careful verification and review, that we could improve our overall technical and software strategy by providing safe, secure and secure medical services. efficient in a compliant cloud environment. system that increases business productivity and innovation while ensuring that data is protected from hackers.

Charles Scott, CareClix Holdings, Inc, President and CEO, added: “The synergies of this transaction between CareClix and Life on Earth are remarkable. Our respective management teams work well together with complementary skills that should serve the company well in the future. Our loyal shareholders are the primary beneficiaries of this transaction, and we look forward to our shareholders having a public market for their shares with a company and team with a proven track record of compliance. “

About Life on Earth Inc.

Life on Earth, Inc. (Rose OTC: LFER) is a cloud-based enterprise software developer and provider that enables rapid innovation that keeps business operations secure, compliant and manageable. The products have been designed to help organizations innovate and modernize their existing systems while minimizing the costs and risks of business disruption and ensuring regulatory compliance. For more information, please visit our corporate website – Investors and companies, please contact: [email protected] | (646) 844-9897

About CareClix Holdings, Inc.

CareClix Holdings, Inc., formerly Solei Systems Inc. (OTC: SOLI), is a leading virtual telehealth platform. The company, through its multiple operating subsidiaries, provides software applications coupled with medical services enabling patients to receive care anytime, anywhere. The CareClix suite of services is transforming the way hospitals, physicians and clinical providers can interact with growing numbers of patients. CareClix has an established reputation for success in partnering with organizations and clients and millions of people in the United States and in over 60 countries who currently use CareClix services. You can learn more about CareClix by visiting:

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