Inter-asset forecasts for the third quarter of 2022

Fundamental forecasts:

Third Quarter 2022 Forecast for the Australian Dollar: The Fed’s loss of credibility is noted by the RBA

The Australian dollar hit a 2-year low against the US dollar in May as global central banks struggled to position themselves to fight inflation.

Bitcoin Q3 2022 forecast: where is the bottom?

If the first quarter was tough for crypto bulls, the second quarter was an absolute disaster… As we head into the third quarter, the macro outlook is still likely to be challenging for crypto, but we could be approaching a a low cycle.

Sterling forecast for the third quarter of 2022: The Bank of England: time to decide

The second quarter of the year was a tricky three months for the Bank of England (BoE) as inflation continued to soar – and is expected to rise further – while growth slowed, raising fears that the UK goes into recession..

Q3 2022 Equity Forecast: Bearish Momentum Continues Amid Growing Recession Risks

Our second quarter forecast for equities had focused on a shift in mentality from a “buy the dip bias” to a “sell the tear” with the Federal Reserve and central banks in excessive tightening to fight against inflationary pressures.

Euro forecast for Q3 2022: Euro could fall as debt crisis fears to dilute ECB rate hikes

The euro has steadily depreciated against a basket of major currencies since December 2020. Tellingly, this turning point coincided with rising gold prices and the start of a rise in interest rate hike expectations. the Fed.

Q3 2022 Gold Forecast: Fundamental Outlook Weakening

As predicted in the 2’22 gold forecast, the main catalyst that drove gold prices higher in 1’22 – the Russian invasion of Ukraine – turned out to be a short-term catalyst. duration.

Japanese yen forecast for the third quarter of 2022: will a weak yen push the BoJ into action?

The Japanese yen was hammered by the markets in the second quarter. USD/JPY hit the 2002 high, touching its highest since 1998. A key driver of yen weakness has been the Bank of Japan’s policy divergence from its major peers.

Oil forecast for the third quarter of 2022: an increase in production will coincide with a drop in demand

The price of oil has fallen about 20% from the 2022 high ($130.50) as US President Joe Biden takes further action to combat high energy prices.

Third Quarter 2022 US Dollar Forecast: Dollar Race Driven by Rates, Recession and Risk

The dollar has performed exceptionally well in the first half of 2022 – and more broadly in the prior year.

Technical forecasts:

Australian Dollar Q3 2022 Technical Forecast: Change of Fortune for AUD

A lot has changed since my Q2 forecast for the Australian dollar, going from one of the few currencies in the green against the US dollar to nearly 4.6% lower year-to-date..

Bitcoin Technical Forecast Q3 2022

Heading into the final quarter, I was giving BTC/USD the benefit of the doubt that it might rally, but for that to happen, it would have needed to generate fresh interest quickly.

British Pound Third Quarter Technical Forecast: Can the Pound Recover or Will the Bears Stay in Control?

GBP/USD has remained subdued since late last year as the pair continues to be influenced by geopolitics.

Q3 2022 technical forecast for equities: rebound then fall again

At one point last quarter, the US stock market was down about 25%, with all of the losses occurring in the first half of the year.

Euro technical forecast for Q3 2022: EUR/USD breaks out of bullish reversal pattern, but caution is warranted

The euro continued to lose ground against the US dollar in the second quarter, extending the relentless decline that began just over a year ago.

Technical forecast for gold in the third quarter of 2022: the correction in gold is looking for a bottom

Gold prices are heading into early Q3 trading just above the yearly open target, with XAU/USD still holding multi-year uptrend support.

Japanese Yen Technical Forecast for Q3 2022: USD/JPY Targets 1998 High

The Japanese yen fell more than 10% against the US dollar in the second quarter as USD/JPY bulls rose with near relentless vigor.

Third Quarter 2022 Oil Technical Forecast: WTI Uptrend Shows Signs of Slowing, Not Breaking

Technical forecasts for oil are always difficult as the market is heavily influenced by fundamental factors such as demand and supply, geopolitical uncertainty, war, the value of the dollar, the state of the global economy and others.

Third Quarter 2022 Technical Forecast for the US Dollar: Does the Bull Stampede Have More Room to Maneuver?

The USD uptrend reached one year last month. And it can be hard to put everything that’s happened since then into perspective, but, last May, DXY creaked at the same 90 level that had held the lows at the start of the year.

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