Hyperion Launches Second Generation Derivatives to Take Advantage of Global Economic Uncertainties

Hyperion’s smart and easy leverage product

Singapore, Singapore – (Newsfile Corp. – November 12, 2021) – Recently Hyperion developed a new type of smart leveraged product for digital asset market investors with deep experience and solid technology in traditional finance . Hyperion’s Easy Smart Leverage product is characterized by its simplicity, high yield and high success rate, and is committed to enriching the variety of financial products in the digital asset ecosystem, meeting the diverse needs of the market. and to provide a new paradigm for the future development of cryptocurrency derivatives.

In terms of the product for hobbyists and new users, the product should be easy to use, have no risk of liquidation, and provide users with high returns. Hyperion’s Easy Smart Leverage product can meet all of the above requirements. Developed by the Hyperion team, born from the rich experience of the traditional financial market and robust technology, Hyperion’s Easy Smart Leverage product is a next-generation financial derivative product that meets all market needs. Hyperion’s Easy Smart Leverage product is simple enough that users can easily get started without gaining in-depth knowledge of finance. With its low entry threshold and zero fees, Hyperion’s Easy Smart Leverage product is recommended for all beginners. By offering the market dynamics of traditional cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH, users can achieve a return on investment three / five / ten times in 1 day / 5 days / 10 days. All market data comes from Deribit, a third-party exchange, and is completely open and transparent.

The rule is simple and there are no complicated financial concepts. Traders just have to choose to raise or support the market and see if the target price is suitable for trading. With high yields and no liquidation risk, traders will always have an asset on hand. During this time, Hyperion will not charge merchants any fees during purchase and checkout. People can buy the product 24/7 and don’t have to worry about missing out on chances of achieving financial freedom.

When it comes to the win rate of Hyperion’s Easy Smart Leverage product, it is possible that the coin’s price will hit its target price. Here is a brief overview of the following data:

Hyperion BTC BULL-3X-1Day product

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Binance US BTC Call Option for 1 Day

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Data collected as of November 3

Hyperion’s smart and easy leverage product

Binance’s American-style option

BTC / USD spot price: 63,057

BTC / USDT spot price: 63,029

BTC BULL-3X-1Day target price: 65,423

Premium price of the desired 1-day BTC purchase option: 16,055

Spread between the target price and the spot price: 3.75%

the difference between the breakeven point and the spot price: 25.47%

Apparently the traders of BTC-BULL-3X-1Day to Hyperion You will only have to wait for the price of BTC to increase by 3.75% in 24 hours to profit from it. But the traders of 1 day BTC call option can hardly earn the cost until the price of BTC increases by 25.47% in 24 hours, traders can only make profit when the price of BTC increases by more than 25.47%.

KING: Hyperion VS Binance

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In comparison, we can see that Hyperion’s Easy Smart Leverage product is more competitive. Depending on the historical movements, BTC is quite possible to make intraday swings of 3-4 pips, which makes a higher win rate. For real-time quote for Hyperion’s Easy Smart Leverage product, please visit hyperionhtt.com

In order to earn money with Hyperion’s Easy Smart Leverage product, users can use Hyperion’s Easy Smart Leverage product to:

1. Earn 300% / 500% / 1000% from short term purchase
2. Hedge against the risks of highly leveraged positions

In the first case, to achieve more stable and higher returns, traders can use Kelly’s formula to organize the amount of each buy-in. According to Kelly’s formula, the optimal ratio of each order is (Loss rate * Win rate – 1) / (Loss rate -1), where the loss rate is the multiple of leverage used in the Easy Smart Leverage product. from Hyperion. To manage the position ratio, traders only need to predict the winning rate. For example, suppose William predicts that the success rate of a 3x product is 60%, he can define the ratio between (3 x 60% – 1) / (3 – 1) = 40%.

For the second case, based on the liquidation line of the futures position, traders can open an opposite position of Hyperion’s Easy Smart Leverage product with the target price closest to the liquidation line, and the amount of redemption is based on loss / liquidation multiple. . If the coin’s price moves in the opposite direction and results in the liquidation of the futures position, users can close Hyperion’s Easy Smart Leverage product, which was purchased at low cost, to obtain the equivalent liquidation compensation. .

The Hyperion team

Hyperion’s Easy Smart Leverage product, with competitive target price, innovative and user-friendly features and high returns, is due to the masterpiece of the Hyperion team. The team comes from the traditional financial field, and its core members Antonie Lemay, Thomas Lacombe and Jocelyn Chou have worked at major global financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch, Citibank and JP Morgan. The team has a wealth of experience in derivatives trading, high frequency algorithms, risk management and technology.

Hyperion is a platform that provides a new kind of smart leveraged financial derivatives in the crypto market. With extensive experience in high frequency trading and derivatives in the traditional financial arena, the Hyperion team has designed an extremely simple financial product for users of the crypto market to experience trading in. in an unprecedented way! Hyperion aims to enable financial technology to create value in the crypto world and drive product innovation according to market demand. Hyperion has the following technical advantages to help maximize the security of people’s assets.

To offer the best target price quotes and help users seize every investment opportunity, under strict risk neutrality, Hyperion uses sophisticated mathematical models and financial techniques to model the volatility of digital assets on the market. basis of stochastic differential equations, Fourier transformations, Bayesian Methods, Kalman filters and other theoretical foundations. Hyperion’s low latency trading technology and mathematical models allow investors to trade and hedge under all possible market conditions, earning excess hedging income, minimizing transaction costs, receiving better quotes and having unparalleled cryptocurrency trading experience.

  1. To quote

Complex mathematical and financial tools are used in price modeling, such as the Kalman filter, partial differential equation, and stochastic processes. Hyperion is strictly market neutral, in order to ensure its customers the highest return and the maximum chance of winning.

  1. Dynamic coverage

Every product that people have purchased has been fully covered. Hyperion monitors different exchanges, uncovers bad valuation opportunities and captures them for better trades. By using the state-of-the-art algorithm, Hyperion can minimize its hedging costs and thus earn excess returns from these so-called arbitrage trades. This means that Hyperion can offer its customers a better chance of making more money.

  1. Risk management

Risk management is the first priority. Hyperion builds a risk management matrix to control market risk, credit risk, operational risk and liquidity risk both in time and space. Based on the enhanced quality of capital funding, the Basel III compliant capital management system and the counter-cyclical capital buffer mechanism, Hyperion offers its clients the highest level of security.

Hyperion aims to enable financial technology to create value in the world of digital assets and drive product innovation according to market demand. Hyperion is committed to being the world leader in the innovation of digital asset financial products.

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