Forget the Meme Coins: Here are 3 Cryptocurrencies you’ll be confident to buy for the long term

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The cryptocurrency industry is well known to be very volatile. This has been the case for years, and even recently, as volatility has become less severe, there is still the possibility that assets will lose a significant fraction of their value in a matter of hours. Despite this downside of the cryptocurrency industry and all the speculation that occurs with coins, it is also well known for providing investors with incredible opportunities to earn significant returns.

However, some investors were drawn to the space with an interest in high risk coins, such as Shiba inu and Dogecoin.

The problem is that the industry is already very volatile. This therefore makes speculation in already very risky cryptocurrencies even more dangerous.

Instead of speculating on very risky assets, the best way to invest in cryptocurrencies is to find high potential projects that you can confidently own for the long term. There is already a ton of potential to earn massive returns. So, you don’t have to speculate on very high risk assets to give yourself a chance to earn these incredible returns.

Therefore, if you want to get more exposure to cryptocurrencies, I would forget about the coins itself. Instead, here are three of the best investments you can make today.

I would look to buy high quality Ethereum substitutes rather than meme coins

One of the best investments you can make right now is in Ethereum compatible blockchains. Until Ethereum can finally implement its upgrades in 2022, and it finally costs less Ether (its native token) every time you want to trade, Ethereum surrogates will continue to do so. ‘provide incredible opportunities.

One of the best cryptocurrencies I could recommend to investors is AVAX, the native token of the avalanche blockchain.

The coin is already seeing a strong rally, as the Avalanche blockchain continues to grow in popularity. And in recent weeks, Avalanche has passed the same two coins, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, to enter the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

So, as the cryptocurrency industry continues to gain popularity and investors are drawn to the exciting innovations, such as Challenge, Avalanche is expected to continue to grow in popularity.

Hence, I would forget to speculate in coins and find high quality investments like Avalanche that you can confidently own for years to come.

Exchange tokens can also be great investments

As the industry continues to gain popularity, naturally more and more investors will be drawn to the space. This means that the popularity of exchange and integration platforms will continue to grow.

So, another great investment to consider are tokens from popular exchanges or cryptocurrency platforms, such as the piece of money CRO, which has appreciated in value extremely rapidly over the past few months to become the 15th most popular cryptocurrency.

Another great option would be the Binance BNB coin, which has long been the third most valuable cryptocurrency and continues to rally as more investors use Binance’s smart chain.

I had recommended CRO to Dogecoin just over a month ago, and since then CRO has gained around 5% from selling in the cryptocurrency sector last month, while coins even like DOGE have done much worse. During this period, Dogecoin has lost almost 20% of its value.

These popular exchanges native tokens are rallying because they have many more use cases for investors. Therefore, the demand to buy these cryptocurrencies will continue to increase over time.

So, rather than speculating on coins with few use cases, I would look for high quality cryptocurrencies that you will be happy to own for years to come.

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