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By Andy Barrand

Fifty hours into the workweek with the hour hand on the clock approaching midnight, it’s time to write this week’s chronicle.

Long hours are part of the job, we all fit in by accepting a career in journalism. Those long hours go hand in hand with bringing the best community journalism to northeast Indiana.

Today’s stories this week, at least in DeKalb County, revolve around the DeKalb County Freefall Fair, which engulfed downtown Auburn. The streets around Courthouse Square are still packed with rides for young and old, games of skill and luck, a wide variety of food and more, for at least one more day.

A block or two southeast of downtown, the action continued at the DeKalb County Fairgrounds. The 4-H youths spent the week sharing their talents with those willing to watch them parade their animals around the show ring in search of an elusive Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion or Grand Champion. champion’s banner.

This is where all the long hours of working with their animals throughout the summer, fall, winter and spring paid off. Engulfed in fair coverage throughout the week, sharing these stories of accomplishment is where my reporting team and I have focused our energy.

Why spend countless hours watching competitions? Simple – to bring the highest quality community journalism to DeKalb County residents who subscribe to The Star or those who catch us online or pick up a daily copy at the newsstand.

Any day of the week, the pages of The Star in DeKalb County, The News Sun in Noble and LaGrange Counties, and The Herald Republican in Steuben County are packed with the day’s news. mixed with some light features and valuable information.

As my dedicated staff at The Star wraps up fair week, we will focus our energies on daily news. With this, we will usher in National Newspaper Week 2022 – October 2-8.

For 82 years, National Newspaper Week, sponsored by newspaper association executives, has been celebrated in the United States and Canada.

Despite the opinions of some in today’s society, newspapers are still a viable way to present news, events, sports, and happenings within a community. Local newspapers have been a trusted source for sharing news, information, ideas and views for centuries.

Even today, as our world becomes more digital every day, local community newspapers still have their place in a community and are a valuable asset to that community. They are sometimes said to be the glue that holds communities together.

KPC Media reporters covering Northeast Indiana communities work countless hours to bring fair and accurate information to the communities they serve. From coverage of government meetings to everyday life, the stories that fill the pages of our newspapers are beneficial in keeping the community informed.

Why do we spend countless hours reporting on the news? Because we all love it and are passionate about it.

As you move through National Newspaper Week, take some time to think about how you would receive your news if there were no longer a newspaper in your community. Chances are that the information that would be available at that time would be sporadic at best and biased depending on the author.

Whether you’re picking up a paper and putting some ink on your fingers or exploring the online version of our products, I encourage everyone to give us a read. You might be surprised at what you learn about your community.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support journalism in Northeast Indiana.

And a big thank you to my staff and the reporters and editors of The News Sun and Herald Republican for what you do. It’s time to share the news of the importance of local journalism for each of our communities.

Andy Barrand is the editor of The Star newspaper in Auburn. He can be reached at 925-2611 ext. 2546 or [email protected]

Andy Barrand is editor of The Star. He started his career in journalism at the Herald Republican in Angola before moving on to other pursuits before returning to KPC Media in 2019. Email him at [email protected]

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