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How to evaluate credit cards for your business?

A card is a financial tool as powerful as money itself.
And in this issue there are no better or worse, simply everything goes in relation to what suits each user depending on their habits and uses.

When looking for how to evaluate credit cards there are several aspects that you have to consider:

Check your possibilities

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Before obtaining a card, check which one you have access to. The better your credit ratings, the better conditions you will get.

In case your numbers are not enough, go to your financial institution to give you more details about your case and be able to resolve them if necessary.

Identify your needs

You must identify the type of card you need and in general there are three: those that give rewards, those that save you in interest and those that support you in another credit.

As we said, the best is the one that covers your specific demands. Why would you need a card that gives away miles of flight, if you don’t travel?

Ask the right questions

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To find the product to our measure, you have to ask the right questions.

If we filter the search according to our score and monthly spending, we will move towards the best option.

Costs: Opening costs, annuity, reimbursement programs, commissions and penalties, as well as insurance, deposit and guarantee must be very clear.

Scalability: Choose a card that gives you competitiveness in every way and that grows at your own pace.

Policies: Review the policies to transfer balances, to readjust payment plans and to contract debt.

Rewards: Rewards should go according to what you are looking for. An interest rate refund is not the same as the payment of the annuity or show tickets.

In short, look for a card with the highest and most profitable rewards for you, that have to do with your style. The cost of the annuity is usually absorbed through use through the bank’s benefit programs.

If it is part of your habits to travel abroad, look for the one with the most security measures such as chip, PIN and virtual locks.

But above all things, put it to good use so that it really is a tool and not an obstacle to your growth.

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