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Car loan – calculator, calculate installment and cost of car loan

Which car loan should you choose?

Which car loan should you choose?

A car loan is a commitment given by banks to buy a motor vehicle. This way you can finance the purchase of a car as well as a tractor, motorcycle and motor boat. However, the maximum amount you can take depends on your creditworthiness. And what car loan should you look for? Futher reading at

When choosing this type of liability, attention should be paid to factors such as commission, interest rate, additional insurance and the amount of own contribution. The bank also requires collateral in the form of a registered pledge, transfer of ownership, vehicle card deposit or assignment of the AC policy.

In addition, in most cases, the vehicle must be covered by additional AutoCasco insurance throughout the entire loan period.

You can choose from three types of car loans: standard, one-time and “balloon”. When you decide on the most frequently chosen standard loan, you will be required to repay principal and interest installments. A one-time loan is repaid in two tranches, the first of which must be half the value of the car. The second can be paid after a few years. The “balloon” loan enables the exchange of the credited car for new ones after a few years. The borrower must have an own contribution and pay the installments over the repayment period (from 24 to 60 months). The last of them is even half the value of the car – but you can return the car without having to pay it back and replace it with a new one.

And how to check which bank has the best conditions? Just use the car loan calculator.

Cheapest car loan calculator

Cheapest car loan calculator

What are car loan calculators? These are simple and intuitive tools that allow you to check various bank offers in one place. How it’s working?

The car loan calculator “collects” information about products of banks cooperating with a given service. Users using this tool enter the commitment data in the appropriate fields, and the system automatically generates results that meet their needs. What does SumMoney look like?

All you have to do is specify the loan amount, loan period and interest rate. Thanks to this, it is possible to check in which bank is the most advantageous offer, where the interest rate is the lowest and the total amount is the repayment. How to analyze this data?

Information on banking products is placed one after the other, so you can immediately see where the values ​​given are the lowest. And what is included? Of course, interest rate, APRC, commission, installment amount and actual amount to be repaid.

It is worth knowing that when using the cheapest car loan calculators, you should pay attention to the APRC value first. What is she talking about? This is the Actual Annual Interest Rate, which includes all fees and costs related to the commitment, including commission and insurance. Therefore, it is not the interest rate but the APRC that is the most important.

To understand this, it is worth analyzing two situations. Bank X offers an interest rate of 4.99%, where the APRC is 9.79%. Bank Y, on the other hand, prepared a car loan with an interest rate of 8.49% and APRC 8.83%. In practice, despite the fact that Bank X has a much better interest rate, it is in Bank Y that you pay less, because the APRC is lower in the end.

That is why it is worth using car loan calculators – they allow you to quickly check the conditions in various banks. What if you decide on a specific offer? Just fill out the short contact form to ask the SumMoney expert free of charge about the best car loan for you.

Car loan calculator for companies

Car loan calculator for companies

A business car loan calculator works on exactly the same principle. Just use the previously discussed tool to find the best offer for yourself. However, when you decide to talk to a SumMoney expert, immediately state that you have your own business in which you want to make a commitment.

Comparison of car loan installments

Comparison of car loans with the help of calculators or comparison engines working in a similar way is a beneficial solution. Otherwise, it would be necessary to browse the websites of individual banks, visit a branch or look for other traditional ways of advertising banking products, such as leaflets.

On the other hand, thanks to car loan installment comparators, all information is in one place, it can be calmly analyzed. The prospective borrower is only required to enter basic data, the rest of the work is done by an automatic system. Importantly, the banks’ offers in the calculators and comparison websites are updated on a regular basis.

Used car loan – is it possible?

Used car loan - is it possible?

Is it possible to take a loan for a used car? Yes, but under different conditions. The car loan is secured by the vehicle itself, which is why the bank may refuse the application if the car is too old. And what does “too old” mean? It all depends on its value, which is valued individually and is not always synonymous with the sale price. Due to the need to purchase an AC policy, it is often not profitable to finance a used vehicle in this way.

What else should be taken into account? That the older the car, the shorter the loan period, which can be as little as 36 months with a ten-year car. Often, banks also impose restrictions that show that at the time of paying off the last installment the car cannot be older than the required number of years.

For these reasons, cash loans are a frequent choice of customers and do not require meeting such numerous requirements, they can be used for any purpose. However, you should know that they are also much higher in interest rate.

Car loan comparison – which bank?

Car loan comparison - which bank?

The data available in various calculators and rankings show that beneficial credit car offers have institutions such as Fertin Bank, mYBank and Bankate.

According to the calculator, the car loan at Fertin Bank has a favorable interest rate, and the decision to grant additional finance can be made even in 2 hours. In addition, Fertin Bank requires 110% of the collateral value.

Thanks to the car loan calculators at mYBank you can find out that the APRC of liabilities is attractive compared to other offers. The maximum loan period can be up to 120 months. In addition, there is a several percent discount on the purchase of OC / AC.

The car loan calculator in Bankate is also often checked, where there are three separate banking products: a liability for a used car, a new one, and for a motorcycle, scooter, moped or quad. Thanks to this, you can exactly match the offer to your needs.

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